We are delighted to announce that our firm successfully represented Mr. Milan Rasic, a volleyball player from Serbia, in a dispute against the Iranian club Shahrdari Tabriz before the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (the “FIVB”). Before submitting the complaint to the FIVB, our dispute resolution partner, Mr. Filip Blagojevic, had partially collected the debt from the club.

However, after the long-lasting out-of-court negotiations, the club decided not to pay the remaining salaries of Mr. Rasic, nor the medical costs related to his surgery. The case before the FIVB involved interesting jurisdictional issue, since the parties’ agreement vaguely referred them to resolve the disputes before the different bodies in Iran, while the FIVB Sports Regulations, which govern financial disputes of international dimension and hence automatically applied to this case, entitle the FIVB to adjudicate the matter.

The FIVB also held that the club had the burden of the medical costs of Mr. Rasic, or, at least, to obtain insurance which would cover such costs. Accordingly, Mr. Rasic succeeded in all his claims.