Bojanović i partneri

Business Oriented Approach

We are not conventional lawyers - we consider both legal and non-legal aspects of our clients’ business

We do not ignore financial, strategic, operational, organizational and other non-legal apects of our clients’ enterprise. Many of our lawyers hold business degrees alongside their law degrees, having learned the “tricks of the trade” from domestic, as well as prestigious international universities. Some of our lawyers have held managing positions with prominent international companies, while others have worked as partners at leading international and domestic law firms. Individual members of our team have held executive positions in the public sector, as advisors and decision-makers. Finally, we utilize the assistance of respected scholars, university professors and former Supreme Court judges who are engaged on an ad hoc basis when necessary. This “eclectic” team composition makes us truly different in the market, and enables a thorough understanding of our client’s business, ultimately allowing us to provide valuable, practical assistance.

“Added value derives from multifactorial analysis - something that other firms find intimidating; no aspect, regardless of how seemingly negligible, is overlooked.”