Legal Notice

Legal Framework

According to Article 45 of the Serbian Law on Advocacy [in Serbian: “Zakon o advokaturi”] (Official Gazette of the RS 31/2011 and 24/2012) (hereinafter: “Law on Advocacy”) two or more Attorneys at Law [in Serbian: “advokati”] (hereinafter “Founders”) may by an agreement regulating their mutual business and property relations establish a joint law office [in Serbian: “Zajednička advokatska kancelarija“] (hereinafter: “Joint Law Office”). The Founders are obliged to deliver the agreement, together with the registration application, to the competent Bar Association [in Serbian: “Advokatska komora”] within 15 days upon execution for registration purposes. All Founders from the same Joint Law Office must have the same registered seat of their offices. The Joint Law Office must have a notice board stating the words: “joint law office” [in Serbian: Zajednička advokatska kancelarija“] and the name of the joint law office, in accordance with the founding agreement and the Law on Advocacy. The Joint Law Office does not have the status of a juridical (legal) person. The Joint Law Office ceases to exist by agreement of the Founders or if there is only one Founder remaining as a member of the Joint Law Office.

References in this legal notice and elsewhere on this website to “BOPA Bojanovic Partners” or “BOPA” or “Bojanovic Partners” or “Bojanovic & Partners” mean “Bojanovic i partneri zajednička advokatska kancelarija“. “We” or “us” or “our” mean “Bojanovic i partneri zajednička advokatska kancelarija“. BOPA Bojanovic Partners is a trademark.

Legal Status

“Zajednička advokatska kancelarija Bojanović i partneri” is a Serbian legal practice organised and registered before the Belgrade Bar Association [in Serbian: “Advokatska komora Beograda”] in the form of a Joint Law Office, with the registered seat [in Serbian: “registrovano sedište kancelarije”] at Vlajkovićeva street no. 12, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. The full registered name of the joint law office is “Zajednička advokatska kancelarija Bojanović i partneri”.

Bojanovic & Partners is inscribed before the relevant registry of the Belgrade Bar Association by the respective decision of the Belgrade Bar Association number 4316/2016, in line with the Law on Advocacy, Statute of the Serbian Bar Association [in Serbian: “Statut Advokatske komore Srbije”] (Official Gazette of the RS 85/2011, 78/2012 and 86/2013), Statute of the Belgrade Bar Association [in Serbian: “Statut Advokatske komore Beograda”] (Official Gazette of the City of Belgrade 93/2016) and Code of Professional Ethics of Attorneys [in Serbian: “Kodeks profesionalne etike advokata”] (Official Gazette of the RS 27/2012) (hereinafter: “Applicable Legislation”).

Pursuant to the Applicable Legislation, Vladimir Bojanovic, Attorney at Law [in Serbian: “Advokat”], is a managing partner [in Serbian: “Rukovalac”] of the joint law office (hereinafter: “Managing Partner”), having PIB No 106347071 and Statistical No: 57304278. Pursuant to the Applicable Legislation, the Joint Law office does not have legal subjectivity. Consequently, the legal assistance is provided by the Founders and, on a case to case basis by other engaged Attorneys at Law in line with the Applicable Legislation as well as the legal trainees [in Serbian: “advokatski pripravnici”] of the Attorneys at Law (hereinafter jointly: “Lawyers”). Pursuant to Article 46 of Law on Advocacy, each client may empower for representation only one, some or all Attorneys at Law engaged in Bojanovic & Partners. Any other contractual relations on behalf of Bojanovic & Partners, unless prescribed differently, are established with the Managing Partner.

English Terminology

Translation from the Serbian language to English (or some other languages) of certain terms on this web site is purely for linguistic reasons and better understanding. The use of definitions or acronyms on a case to case basis is for reasons of practicality. The visitors should always refer to actual meaning and title in Serbian.


According to the Article 20 of the Law on Advocacy, each Attorney at Law is obliged, in accordance with the Statute of the Serbian Bar Association and the Code of Professional Ethics of Attorneys, to keep as a professional secret and to seek that the same is done by all persons employed in the law office everything that was disclosed to him/her by a client or its authorised representative or what he/she found out in any other way in a matter in which he/she provides legal advice and representation to a client in preparation, during and after cessation of the representation (hereinafter: “Duty of Legal Privilege”). Duty of Legal Privilege is not limited in time. The manner of keeping of the Duty of Legal Privilege and acting with respect to the Duty of Legal Privilege are regulated in more details in the Statute of the Serbian Bar Association and in the Code of Professional Ethics of Attorneys.

Legal privilege

All communication, regardless of its form, between Bojanovic & Partners and the Lawyers on one side and its clients, potential clients, business associates and all other persons (hereinafter: “Communication”) is confidential and may be considered legally privileged. Communication may not be disclosed to or used by or copied in any way by anyone other than the intended recipient. If any evidence on Communication is received in error, please contact Bojanovic & Partners at (T) +381114145280 and/or (F) +381114145289 and/or (E) Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for computer viruses, regarding Communication. In relation to e-mails and other messages sent by means of electronic communication by Bojanovic & Partners, it is your responsibility to scan or otherwise check a respective message and any attachments, in relation to computer viruses. Bojanovic & Partners observes data protection and confidentiality regulations. For further information, please refer to our Policies and Procedures.

Terms of engagement and policies and procedures

We provide legal assistance only under Serbian laws and in accordance with our Policies and Procedures that also include our Terms of Engagement, while always being fully compliant with the Applicable Legislation. By engaging in written communication with us you confirm the acceptance of our Policies and Procedures and especially Terms of Engagement, unless agreed otherwise. Our Policies and Procedures and Terms of Engagement may be amended by us from time to time. Please check them periodically to inform yourself of any changes.


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