Private Equity

“... a premium law firm’ noted for its ‘bespoke legal service”

Our lawyers have extensive experience in private equity and venture capital. Notably, our team participated in the most PE/VC transactions in Serbia, including some of the most valuable deals. We provide legal support in a broad aspect of legal services from initial review of the target to the design of the most suitable structures (MBO, LBO, MBI, BIMBO). We advise on structuring bids, negotiating and drafting acquisition and financing agreements, while providing thoughtful guidance throughout the transaction. Most importantly, our private equity team is highly integrated with other multi-disciplinary groups within the firm, and closely works with tax specialists, the employment department, and competition/antitrust experts. Our services include the following:

  • Acquisition and Corporate Finance
  • Fund Structuring
  • Administration
  • LBOs
  • MBIs
  • MBOs
  • IPOs
  • Strategic Exit Strategies