“... the firm handles the competition aspects of corporate transactions and restructuring.

The firm has ‘an excellent understanding of business.”

Taxation is a decisive factor in planning business operations. Numerous cases of aggressive tax planning and tax evasion have led to increased and diligent supervision by tax authorities. Therefore, sanctions for non-compliance are way stricter nowadays than they used to be. In addition, globalization and cross-border movement of goods and services create complex tax issues requiring thorough knowledge of national tax laws and treaties. Accordingly, proper advising in relation to the tax segment of business operations is a necessity. Our tax department is comprised of lawyers educated both locally and abroad, who have extensive experience in all (legal) aspects of taxation. Although we do not advise on financial and accounting aspects of taxation, we can provide legal support to clients in relation to the following matters:

  • Tax planning and transaction structuring
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Stamp duty and transfer taxes
  • Representation before tax authorities and tax litigation