Our Values.

We are a full-scale service commercial law firm from Serbia with organizational structure capable to meet the needs of national and international clients.

Our work is organized around specialized practice areas, and we have expertise across all industry sectors.

There are many distinctive characteristics of our practice – in fact, we believe that there are five features that characterize us.

Organizational structure

Our organizational structure is designed around clients’ needs with the focus on quality control and streamlined approach with no red-tape.

“Innovation through emphasis
on healthy communication and
bespoke service.”

Our team is composed in large part of qualified experienced lawyers and not trainees and juniors. In addition, although we have specialized departments, expert practice groups and regional desks within the practice, we manage to streamline approach and work for clients by designating one point of contact.

This rule is applicable regardless of the type of work, geographical spread or mandate complexity.

Business Oriented Approach

We are not conventional lawyers - we consider both legal and
non-legal aspects of our clients’ business.

“Added value derives from
multifactorial analysis - something that
other firms find intimidating; no aspect,
regardless of how seemingly negligible,
is overlooked.”

We do not ignore financial, strategic, operational, organizational and other non-legal apects of our clients’ enterprise. Many of our lawyers hold business degrees alongside their law degrees, having learned the “tricks of the trade” from domestic, as well as international universities. Some of our lawyers have held positions with international companies, while others have worked at leading international and domestic law firms. This “eclectic” team composition makes us truly different in the market, and enables a thorough understanding of our client’s business, ultimately allowing us to provide valuable, practical assistance.

Substantive Simplicity

Blackberry rule: we do not speak or write too much –
we give clear advice that you can actually use.

“Substantive simplicity =
clarity of understanding.”

Our principle is to provide concrete, concise, yet comprehensive legal advice and solutions that our clients can actually use and implement in their business.

We apply the “Blackberry” rule whenever we can.

The client receives a “yes” or “no” answer, and if the legal situation is unclear, we tend to express our best estimate in percentages, so that the client can always rely on our advice when making important commercial decisions.


Maximum efficiency is a requisite.

“Instant gratification is an
asset in the business world.”

Time is precious. We fully understand this.

Our business approach is that the client should never have to wait for the answer. Our organizational structure of senior lawyers with considerable experience and knowledge allows us to prioritize adequately, avoiding unnecessary and time-consuming research, essentially leading to efficient results in the form of quality answers.

High BC Ratio

We measure the ʻBCRʼ keeping it as high as possible.

“Benefit-cost ratio (BCR) should
always be greater than expected.”

We quantify cost-effectiveness as the extent to which our service has achieved its results at lower cost compared with alternatives. We share the same philosophy with our clients, in that shortcomings in cost-effectiveness occur when the service provided is not the lowest-cost alternative or approach to achieving the same or similar outputs and outcomes.

Our organizational structure allows us to be extremely cost-effective – providing premium legal service without running into unnecessary overheads.