COVID-19 (the coronavirus) caused impact is for businesses and lives. In fact, businesses across industries are bracing and planning for − and in many instances, already experiencing − the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).  We want to update you on the steps BOPA has taken to ensure health and safety for both our clients and colleagues.

We will in the first place fully follow the recommendations and the decision of the Republic of Serbia and the WHO. We have proposed to our lawyers to work from home, as much as possible, as a precaution, whereas the top-level service will remain intact. It goes without saying that, in the current situation, health and safety, as well as uninterrupted providing our services to our clients, are the priorities.

We have instructed our partners, senior and junior associates to as much as possible apply the technology in respect of internal and external virtual meetings. Also, our participation at all large-scale events across the world for the coming period is canceled or postponed.

We are dedicated to maintaining our operations, legal excellence and quality without jeopardizing health and safety without unnecessary interruption.

Finally, BOPA crisis management team is responsible 24/7 for crisis situations. In case  similar to this one please address any legal questions at will get your feedback immediately or within hours at any time.

Thank you.


Vladimir Bojanovic,

Managing Partner