We are honored to announce that our firm successfully represented Mr. Dominik Mavra, a basketball player from Croatia, in a dispute against Mr. Feliks Kojadinovic from Serbia before the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (the “BAT”).

Mr. Kojadinovic sought the agency fees arising from the contract concluded between Mr. Dominik Mavra (represented by Mr. Feliks Kojadinovic from Aprok Sports Group and the Spanish agent Jose Luis Martinez) and BC Joventut Badalona. Our dispute resolution partner, Mr. Filip Blagojevic, successfully challenged the BAT jurisdiction and the claim was dismissed.

However, due to the value in dispute, the award was issued without reasons. Consequently, it remained open whether the BAT is competent to adjudicate every basketball-related dispute (provided that the parties agreed to its jurisdiction), or only the ones which involve the persons subordinate to FIBA (and/or national federations).